Q:   How do I get a key to the pool?
A:    Members should be in good standing with the association (dues up to date and any fees paid).  Click here for more information.  
Q:   How do I update my information in the membership directory?
A:    Log in to the Member Directory.  Click on Profile in the upper right hand corner.  Now you can change your information, your password and more.   If you need your user name and password, please e-mail info@fpoaonline.com
Q:   Who do I call about picking up large yard debris or things like appliances?
A:    Coastal Waste will not AUTOMATICALLY pick up large debris.  You need to call 985-781-3171.
Q:   Do we have recycling in Fontainebleau?
A:   Recycling has returned to Mandeville on Tuesdays for paper and plastics, but not glass.  Some generous volunteers are offering recycling of glass as as they can.  Stay tuned to the Facebook page for updates.    
Q:   I want to replace my fence (remove a tree, replace my roof, build a shed in the backyard, paint my house, etc..)  What do I need to do?
A:   Please be aware that ALL exterior property modifications/changes/replacements must be approved by the FPOA Architectural Control Committee. This includes, but is not limited to, tree cutting, painting, fences, sheds, major landscaping, driveway extensions, roofing (even replacements), etc.  The process for approval is pretty quick; Click here for the online process.    Please note that there are fines for making modifications without approval.  
Q:  My mailbox needs painting and some repairs.   Who should I call?
A:    Maintaining a consistent look for the mailboxes and lamp posts in our neighborhood is important for property values, according to many realtors we have heard from.  And the covenants require mailbox and lamp post  maintenance and upkeep.  Several vendors in the area can handle the task.   
For Mailbox & Lamp Post Painting, Repairs and Number Replacement: Local Fontainebleau residents, the Colgan’s. Call 504-723-8773.   or access a work order at: http://colganmailboxrepair.com/colganmailboxworkorder.pdf
and learn more at their website: http://colganmailboxrepair.com/
For Sanding, Painting and Number Replacement:  Michael Scott, junior at Mandeville High School.  $50.   TEXT or CALL 985-807-7195
For Do It Yourself Repairs and Replacement Parts:  http://colganmailboxrepair.com/do-it-yourself/
Replacement numbers for the mailbox can be purchased at Magnificent Mailboxes & Signs at 985-641 – 3145  or at www.mailboxes.com,   Salsbury Custom Numbers / Letters – Horizontal – Gold Vinyl – 1.5 inches high.
Q:  What is the plan for drainage improvements in Fontainebleau?
A:   There is a multi-year plan to work on drainage in the neighborhood.  You can see the map here.   For questions about timing or other questions, please call the Public Works Department at Mandeville City Hall at 985-624-3169 or e-mail to pw@cityofmandeville.com  
Q:  I was told we should not feed the geese at the ponds.  Is that true?
A:  Please do not feed the geese. 
 We are fortunate to have several ponds in our neighborhood along with more green space per capita than almost any other neighborhood in the area.   The geese who visit our ponds are normally welcome guests.  However, some residents are upsetting the balance of nature by feeding the geese on a regular basis.  This has resulted in an unsustainable overpopulation of geese who have now altered their behavior and are flocking here in large numbers rather than seeking natural sources of food. 
The result has been damage to FPOA and resident’s property, erosion of pathways and damage to the ponds, not to mention unpleasant and unhealthy waste.  These problems can be irreversible if not addressed quickly.   Geese overpopulation is a problem in many cities and neighborhoods.  The solutions can be costly and very detrimental to the animals. 
Most Wildlife experts agree that humans feeding these fowl on a regular basis is a primary cause of the problem.  This must stop in order to try to return the geese population to a natural and sustainable level.      As a result, a policy has been put in place to prohibit feeding of these fowl and there are fines for violation of the policy.     This has become a serious and intolerable problem.  Thank you for adhering to this policy and keeping our neighborhood a safe and healthy place to live.