Q:   How do I get a key to the pool?
A:    Members should be in good standing with the association (dues up to date and any fees paid).  Click here for more information.  
Q:   How do I update my information in the membership directory?
A:    Log in to the Member Directory.  Click on Profile in the upper right hand corner.  Now you can change your information, your password and more.   If you need your user name and password, please e-mail info@fpoaonline.com
Q:   Who do I call about picking up large yard debris or things like appliances?
A:    Coastal Waste will not AUTOMATICALLY pick up large debris.  You need to call 985-781-3171.
Q:   Do we have recycling in Fontainbleau?
A:    Yes for plastics and paper.  No for glass.  Recyling is picked up on Tuesday mornings.  Read here for more details.