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Posted on 04/07/2020 by Admin
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We hope this finds you all well and coping successfully with our current stay at home orders issued by the city and the state. We strongly encourage everyone to abide by the Governor’s order to stay at home and strictly limit your physical contact with others. This is an overwhelmingly serious matter, and the more we practice the mandates the sooner we will be able to resume our normal lives. Please do your part.
As we move further into the month of April and are living through an extension of the governor’s stay at home order until April 30 due to COVID-19, there are a few reminders and changes we would like to make you aware of about the use of FPOA recreational grounds and facilities.

* Please note the Fontainebleau Subdivision Recreation Facilities are for the exclusive use of the Fontainebleau subdivision property owners. Guests of property owners on any FPOA grounds or property must be accompanied by said property owner (resident must be present with the guest).
Play Areas- In order to better comply with the city of Mandeville’s state of emergency declaration by the mayor, we find it necessary to close the play area/playground/play sets until further notice. Children are routinely gathering in groups larger than recommended in social distancing guidelines. The play areas will re-open as soon as safely possible.
Pool and Pool Area- Will remain closed until further notice. No one will be allowed within the fenced area around the pool. The pool will reopen as soon as safely possible.
Tennis Courts - TENNIS ONLY - No other activities allowed on courts.
4 person maximum per court at any one time.
Tennis games should end by 9pm.
Keep gate closed.
Violations may lead to the closure of the courts during this time.
Clubhouse- Facility is closed until further notice. GNO Property Management will be notified when reservations may resume.
Ponds- Fishing from the shore is permitted. Catch and release fishing only. No nets.
We also find it necessary to postpone our
Annual May General Membership Meeting due to Coronavirus restrictions. We plan to reschedule in June. Stay tuned for date announcement.
Wishing the best to all of you.
Stay home.
Stay safe.
Stay well.
Together we will endure this and be better and stronger because of it.
FPOA Board of Directors